Redefining Public Transit

RAILBUS develops  the first 100% solar powered mass transportation system.

RAILBUS state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and low-cost vehicle is developed by a team of ambitious visionary entrepreneurs, industrial designers and transportation specialists.

Become a RAILBUS Ambassador

We are thrilled to introduce a unique opportunity to join us on this exciting venture.

If you have a good number of followers in one of the social media platform, we welcome you to join RAILBUS ambassadors and receive an valuable stake in the company that will bring you fulfilling decent returns in the very near future..

Shares of RAILBUS have the potential to soar very quickly, projections show that share prices can reach tens times the current offering price. 

Ambassador Benefits

We are very grateful to all RAILBUS partners from around the world for their support.

All Ambassadors will get the following benefits:


Eligible Ambassadors will receive shares in RAILBUS Inc. so as to be a stakeholder in the company.

Company Events

All ambassadors will be invited for RAILBUS annual event in Dubai where can meet other partners.

Special Share Price

Ambassadors like other partners will have the priority for any future shares offering with a special share price.

Ambassador Role

The Ambassador role is very simple, as a believer who is willing to support RAILBUS to success to improve lives of millions of people, just you endorse RAILBUS whenever you can and participate in the awareness of RAILBUS.

Qualified Candidates

Qualified candidates must have a minimum number of active followers regardless the account topics.

Number of shares to be received will be calculated based on the number of followers

Minimum Followers for Instagram is 100,000

Minimum Subscribers for YouTube is 50,000

Minimum Followers for Twitter is  25,000

RILBUS Showroom in Dubai


Shareholders Platform​

RAILBUS App for Shareholders to view and mange their stock in the company which is secured by AWS advanced technology.

Click below to Download RAILBUS Shareholders App for iOS or Android device.

Strategic Partners & Suppliers