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RAILBUS is a start-up company that creates the first 100% solar powered mass transportation system.RAILBUS state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and low-cost vehicle is developed by a team of ambitious visionary entrepreneurs, industrial designers and transportation specialists.

We are excited to present an exclusive investment opportunity for individuals to become part of the RAILBUS Partners.

Investing in a promising startup in its early stages has the potential to yield returns of more than 100 times the initial investment.
The private placement of RAILBUS is one such rare opportunity that you are unlikely to come across again.

Offered Shares

Ten million common shares, representing 10% of the company’s total shares are allocated for new investors at a price of 1 USD per share.

The minimum amount for the investment for individuals is 1,000 USD

We initiated this first round of crowdfunding with a modest amount to enable a diverse group of individuals from across the globe to participate in this environmentally conscious initiative. This effort aims to transform the lives of millions of people.

Investor Privileges

Phenomenal Return

The potential return for the investors at this stage is phenomenal and can exceed 100x in few years

Bonus Shares

Investors will receive a special share price plus  bonus shares based on the investment amount. 

Return of Investment

Investors have the option to sell a portion of their shares in the RAILBUS private trading platform at a targeted value of $5 per share, allowing them to recoup their full investment within 18 months while still holding onto their remaining shares, which are anticipated to rise in value significantly in the coming years.

Voting Right

The investor will have voting right

Join us and invest in 3 simple steps:

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