Climate Change

Climate change is accelerating. Landscapes of diverse flora and fauna are fading. Frozen forests and glaciers are disappearing, and fast. The earth is warming, and the automotive industry is a leading cause. But it’s not too late to change it, and that’s where our technology comes in.

Transportation systems around the world are responsible for 25% of carbon emissions that destroy the environment and buses that use fuel make up a large part of it. This can be clearly seen in many overcrowded cities, especially in developing countries that suffer from the lack of sustainable transportation systems such as India, Indonesia, Zambia and Nigeria.

RAILBUS Eco Impact

RAILBUS is 100% environmentally friendly public transport, the energy used to run RAILBUS vehicles and stations is generated from solar energy, which is considered to be one of the most clean energies.

RAILBUS is the first initiative focus in mass transportation unlike most of the companies are developing electrical vehicles which have a limited impact in comparison with a system that used by millions of people.

Now more than ever, the environment and its preservation hang in the balance. Governments, companies, and individuals are turning to renewable energy sources to shape a more sustainable future, and cleaning up the automotive industry is a crucial step. But it takes a movement to achieve change – and we need your help to drive it.