Early Investors

As we start building the first prototype of vehicles, we are inviting a limited number of investors to join RAILBUS and receive very special privileges.

The objective of this fundraising campaign is to accelerate the development and production of RAILBUS vehicle prototypes.

Click the buttons below for:

Investor Privileges

share price

Investors will receive a special share price plus a bonus  shares based on the investment amount. 

Return of Investment

All investors can return the full amount of investment to investors within 18 months buy selling the bonus shares which allocated for this purpose (in RAILBUS private trading Platform) while retaining their full shares, which are expected to increase in value five times over by next year.

Voting Right

The investor will have voting right

Private Offering

Ten million common shares, representing 10% of the company’s total shares are allocated for new investors at a price of 1 USD per share.


We welcome everyone to visit RAILBUS showroom in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Investment Calculations