Our Objectives

Promote Sustainable Transportation

Educate the public about the benefits of sustainable transportation systems and advocate for the adoption of eco-friendly public transportation solutions in cities worldwide.

Combat Climate Change

Contribute to reducing carbon emissions through the promotion and implementation of solar-powered transportation. Raise awareness about the impact of transportation choices on climate change.

Support RAILBUS Development and Implementation

Fund the development of the RAILBUS prototype and subsequent deployment through memberships and partnerships. Continuously improve and innovate RAILBUS technology and infrastructure based on research and community feedback.

Foster Partnerships for Sustainability

Collaborate with environmental groups, governmental bodies, and private organizations to further the goals of sustainable transportation. Engage in policy advocacy to support the creation of greener public transportation laws and regulations.

Enhance Accessibility and Inclusivity

Ensure that RAILBUS solutions are accessible and beneficial to diverse populations, including underserved communities. Champion the importance of inclusive design in public transportation.

Community Engagement and Education

Build a community of individuals and organizations passionate about sustainable transportation and environmental conservation. Provide educational resources on sustainability, climate change, and the role of innovative transportation solutions.

Establish RAILBUS as a Leader in Sustainable Transit Solutions

Position RAILBUS as a pioneering model in the sustainable transportation sector. Showcase the success stories and impact of RAILBUS in improving urban transportation and reducing environmental impact.

Grow the RAILBUS Community

Expand the RAILBUS membership base across different demographics and geographies. Cultivate a sense of ownership and pride among members for their contribution to a greener future.

Research and Innovation

Invest in ongoing research to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of RAILBUS systems. Keep abreast of emerging technologies and practices in sustainable transit and integrate them into the RAILBUS model.

Ensure Financial Sustainability and Transparency

Develop a sustainable financial model for RAILBUS operations and expansions. Maintain transparency in the use of funds, particularly those sourced from memberships and donations.