RAILBUS Stations

Modern & Cost-Effective Design

RAILBUS is at the forefront of designing state-of-the-art stations that are not only cost-effective but also elevate the modern aesthetics of any city they’re in. Through the combination of simplicity, a contemporary look, and the use of as many low-cost materials as possible, RAILBUS promises stations that are a visual treat without compromising on quality or sustainability. Moreover, our commitment to the environment is evident through our use of eco-friendly materials.

Station Sizes

Understanding the diverse needs of different locations, RAILBUS offers two primary station sizes:
Standard Stations: Perfect for most areas.
Large Stations: Ideal for high-capacity zones or crucial intersection points. These stations are pivotal for passengers needing to switch lines to reach their ultimate destinations.

Strategic Locations

For optimum accessibility and convenience, RAILBUS stations are strategically situated at intervals ranging between 2 to 3 km throughout our network. This ensures that passengers have easy access to stations wherever they might be.

Elevated Platforms & Accessibility

Prioritizing accessibility, all RAILBUS stations are elevated, equipped with either one or two lifts. We’ve dedicatedly designed our stations with a keen consideration for the differently-abled. Special lifts and designated areas for wheelchairs ensure everyone can travel with ease and dignity.

Efficient Bypass System

In the spirit of efficiency and time-saving, RAILBUS stations are constructed on the sides of our railway network. This smart design ensures that vehicles that don’t need to make a stop can effortlessly bypass, ensuring swift commutes and minimal delays.

Boosting Economy & Property Value

The introduction of a RAILBUS station in an area doesn’t just enhance connectivity, but also provides a significant boost to the local land value. The vicinity of our stations becomes an attractive hub for businesses. 
Numerous quick-service shops can be set up, catering to the immediate needs of the commuters. These establishments not only offer convenience to travelers but also become a steady revenue source for both the city and RAILBUS.