Clean Mobility for Everyone


Ultra light weight vehicles and high flexibility in operations which reduces the cost of the tracks infrastructure significantly, reaching less than twenty percent of the cost of a Metro system that has the same length and capacity.

Designed for Efficiency ​

Using small, driverless electric vehicles that run on an elevated  tracks, the lightweight and flexible nature of the system enables it to be retrofitted into a broad range of environments and provide transportation that is environmentally friendly and operationally efficient.

Metro, Tram and PRT require passengers to collect in groups, wait until a large vehicle with a fixed schedule arrives, and travel on a predetermined route stopping for additional passengers on the way. In contrast, RAILBUS offers frequent transport with less waiting, taking passengers much faster to their destination.

RAILBUS Interior

RAILBUS Interior including seats, as well as panels, roof lining, floor and door interiors made from recycled microfiber derives from polyester fibers (T-shirts, fibers etc.) and PET plastic (bottles, packaging materials etc.). Recycling PET means a reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 80% compared to the traditional petrol-based PET production process.


RAILBUS is powered by solar energy


Supports the sustainable development Goals


Just 20% of the metro system cost


RAILBUS system offers a greater overall return on investment at local level than other forms of integrated transport, such as Metro, Monorails or trams.

RAILBUS is an effective solution with high-frequency transport needs.

RAILBUS Features

RAILBUS Vehicles

Engineered from top to bottom with high strength low weight  components and modules. Packed with the latest technologies to maximize safety and efficiency while minimizing energy and maintenance costs.


An end-to-end 100% congestion free elevated rail network. Built entirely with ultra-light non-corrosive composite materials RAILBUS rail is quick and non disruptive to build. RAILBUS rail has these extraordinary features.

Climate Change​

Transportation systems around the world are responsible for 25% of carbon emissions that destroy the environment. 

We focus on creating positive change for planet and people, the world needs truly clean mobility.

For Any City

RAILBUS as a mass transit system can literally transform every city in the world and promote economic growth in developing nations, as well as in leading countries. RAILBUS  impact will be significant in cities struggling with poor road infrastructure that are far exceeding their designed capacity and in need of a solution.


RAILBUS Proposals for some cities

Gaining Traction

There is an urgent need and high demand for an affordable and sustainable mass transportation system for many cities, This is why RAILBUS is quickly gaining interest from a number of government officials and strategic partners all around the world.

Cities throughout Africa and East Asia are already excited to integrate RAILBUS into their transportation system.