RAILBUS Vehicles

Engineered from top to bottom with high strength low weight  components and modules. Packed with the latest technologies to maximize safety and efficiency while minimizing energy and maintenance costs.

The RAILBUS vehicle is a groundbreaking addition to the realm of urban public transportation. Designed with cutting-edge technology and a focus on sustainability, RAILBUS vehicles represent the next step in eco-friendly transit solutions. These vehicles are engineered to provide a seamless, efficient, and environmentally responsible travel experience in urban settings.

Key Features of RAILBUS Vehicles:

  1. Solar-Powered Efficiency: At the heart of RAILBUS’s sustainability pledge is its reliance on solar energy. ِAll tracks will be covered with state-of-the-art solar panels, harnessing renewable energy to power its journeys. This not only reduces carbon emissions but also ensures a consistent, cost-effective energy supply.

  2. Advanced Design: RAILBUS vehicles boast a sleek, modern design optimized for urban landscapes. The aerodynamic structure minimizes energy consumption while maximizing passenger comfort. Attention to detail in design contributes to a pleasing aesthetic that integrates smoothly into the cityscape.

  3. Spacious and Accessible: Comfort and accessibility are central to the RAILBUS experience. The vehicles are designed to be spacious, with ample room for seating and standing passengers. They are also compliant with disability legislation, ensuring that they are accessible to all, including those with mobility challenges.

  4. Eco-Friendly Materials: In line with its commitment to the environment, RAILBUS vehicles are constructed using recyclable and eco-friendly materials. This approach reduces the ecological footprint of manufacturing and maintains the ethos of sustainability throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle.

  5. Low Noise Emission: RAILBUS vehicles are designed to operate with minimal noise, contributing to reduced sound pollution in urban areas. This feature is particularly advantageous in densely populated cities, where noise pollution is a significant concern.

  6. High Efficiency and Reliability: Engineered for optimal performance, RAILBUS vehicles are reliable and efficient. They are equipped with the latest in transportation technology, ensuring that they meet the high demands of urban public transit in terms of both performance and durability.

  7. Safety and Security: Safety is paramount in the design of RAILBUS vehicles. Equipped with advanced safety features and monitored by a dedicated team, these vehicles provide a secure and reassuring environment for passengers.

Vehicle performance

nominal 24 seated + 16 standing

RVAR compliant, all vehicles

7000 kg (with seated passengers)

< 100kph


1.2m/s2 typical

full HVAC system on board

designed to international rail standards

linear induction & rotary motors

continuous current collection

captive to steel track with switch wheels

escape doors on both sides of vehicle

900 wide x 1950 high

The RAILBUS Advantage:

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: By utilizing solar power and eco-friendly materials, RAILBUS vehicles significantly lower the carbon footprint of urban transportation.
  • Enhanced Urban Mobility: With their efficient design and operation, RAILBUS vehicles offer a swift and comfortable transit solution, alleviating urban congestion.
  • Economic Efficiency: The use of renewable energy sources and durable materials ensures that RAILBUS vehicles are not only environmentally sustainable but also economically viable in the long term.

The introduction of RAILBUS vehicles marks a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable urban mobility. With their innovative design and eco-friendly operations, these vehicles are set to transform the landscape of public transportation, making it more accessible, efficient, and harmonious with the environment.