RAILBUS Vehicles

Engineered from top to bottom with high strength low weight  components and modules. Packed with the latest technologies to maximize safety and efficiency while minimizing energy and maintenance costs.

RAILBUS Vehicles are battery-powered, easily capable of carrying 40 passengers and their luggage. Compliant with disability legislation , the RAILBUS vehicles are perfectly suited to accommodate wheelchairs.

The RAILBUS system offers security, each pod is monitored by CCTV and a dedicated team of controllers are on hand to help.

RAILBUS vehicles are virtually silent when running, producing little or no external vibration and zero emissions.

Vehicle performance

nominal 24 seated + 16 standing

RVAR compliant, all vehicles

7000 kg (with seated passengers)

< 100kph


1.2m/s2 typical

full HVAC system on board

designed to international rail standards

linear induction & rotary motors

continuous current collection

captive to steel track with switch wheels

escape doors on both sides of vehicle

900 wide x 1950 high