We’ve now reached the stage where we’re ready to build functional prototypes of both RAILBUS and RAILPOD. This development opens the door for enthusiastic individuals to join this promising venture, become stakeholders and enjoy exclusive benefits.

Unlock a World of Potential  and Transform Your Future with RAILBUS: A Low-Risk, High-Reward Journey.

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Minimal Risk, Maximum Reward

Reserve a minimum of 200 shares (worth $500) with just a 20% down payment. This arrangement minimizes your upfront investment while preserving the potential for considerable gains. As RAILBUS progresses towards success, you have the flexibility to claim your shares within almost four years (from today until 31 December 2027), paying the remaining 80% at the original share price, thereby locking in your future profit at today’s cost.

RAILBUS Membership Certificate

Imagine an opportunity where your initial investment could potentially increase by up to 200x in just a few years. RAILBUS presents exactly that—a chance to join an innovative transportation revolution with minimal upfront risk. With only a 20% down payment, you’re securing your future at today’s prices.

Become a shareholder by paying only 20% upfront. Pay the remaining 80% within 4 years, after witnessing RAILBUS's success

How Does It Work?

The RAILBUS offer operates on a simple yet innovative mechanism designed to maximize benefits for early supporters while minimizing their financial risk.

  1. Initial Contribution: Begin your RAILBUS journey by becoming a member with an upfront share reservation payment of $100~$1,000. This modest fee secures your place in our growing community of forward-thinkers and innovators.

  2. Share Reservation: Upon joining, for $100 payment you receive an immediate allocation of shares worth $500 at today’s price of $2.5 per share. Instead of purchasing these shares upfront, you’re essentially reserving the right to buy them at the current price within the next four years (from today until 31 December 2027).

  3. Membership Benefits: Along with your share reservation, you’re granted a Membership Certificate and Shares Reservation Certificate. This membership also offers exclusive investment opportunities and future rewards, enriching your journey with us.

  4. Watching and Waiting: Over the next four years, RAILBUS is anticipated to grow significantly, with share prices expected to rise to $100 per share, driven by operational milestones and increasing demand from investors and governmental collaborations.

  5. Claiming Your Shares: If our share price climbs to promising heights, you’ll have the unique opportunity to claim your reserved shares at the initial price of $2.5, covering the remaining 80% that was deferred at the beginning. This arrangement offers the potential to sell your shares at the current market price—potentially up to 200 times your initial investment—allowing for significant profit realization..

  6. Low Risk, High Potential:

  • Minimal Initial Investment: Your initial financial commitment is limited to just the 20% upfront payment, keeping the entry barrier low for all investors.
  • Reduced Risk Profile: This strategy offers a high-reward potential while significantly minimizing your financial risk, making it an appealing option for cautious investors.

In essence, this model empowers you to support RAILBUS’s mission today, with the chance to benefit from our future success without the immediate financial commitment typically required by traditional investment opportunities. It’s a strategic investment in sustainable urban mobility, with the flexibility and security tailored for our early backers.

RAILBUS Share Value Projection

A Brief Illustration

John Turning $100 into $19,500 with RAILBUS in 4 Years

  1. Today John joined as a RAILBUS member after paying $100 shares reservation Fee.
  2. John immediately received a membership certificate and allocation of 200-share with 40 shares ownership certificate and 160 shares reservation certificate without paying the full $500 for the shares or taking a risk.
  3. Within a few hours, John received an account on the RAILBUS shareholders platform and had 40 shares transferred to his account.
  4. On 31 Dec 2027, John paid only $400 and claimed his reserved 160 shares.
  5. On 31 Dec 2028, RAILBUS’s share price reached $100.
  6. On 31 Dec 2028, John sold his 200 shares for $20,000 and made a $19,500 profit with minimal risk.

Why Join Now?

  • Limited Slots: Only limited slots are available worldwide. Once they’re gone, the opportunity closes.
  • Potential for Profit: If RAILBUS shares reach $100 each in four years as expected, members who reserved shares for $2.50 with only 20% down payment  can sell them for $100/share, turning a significant profit with minimal initial risk.
  • Upcoming Opportunities: RAILBUS members will enjoy exclusive benefits for all future offerings and rewards.


Investor Slots


Allocated Shares

Why Offer This Unique Opportunity?

  • Developing Functional Prototypes: We’ve gained momentum by signing MOUs with progressive governments like Dubai, recognizing RAILBUS’s transformative impact on transportation. Currently, we’re crafting functional prototypes of RAILBUS and RAILPOD, offering our members a chance to be part of this promising venture.
  • Risk Minimization: We understand the risk concerns around startup investments. That’s why we’ve created a model where your risk is significantly reduced. Reserve shares now with 20% and pay 80% in future based on our success.
  • Rewarding Early Members: Early members who back our mission deserve a share in RAILBUS’s success, earning potentially high rewards for their early faith and support.

Investor Benefits

Become a shareholder and receive the following benefits:

Share resrvation

An ownership certificate for 20% of the shares and a reservation Certificate for 80% of the shares at their current value, with the flexibility to claim them within four years at the initial price, regardless of market value.

Shareholder Account

An account on the RAILBUS shareholders platform will be opened for the investor and a 20% of the shares will be credited to the account in few hours.

Membership Certificate

Official RAILBUS Membership Recognition

Return of Investment

The potential return for the investment for members is phenomenal and can exceed 200x in few years with minimal risk.

Potential Opportunities

Exclusive Access to future investment opportunities.

RAILBUS Shares Ownership Certificate

RAILBUS Shares Reservation Certificate


Most frequent questions and answers for Shares Reservation Model

Upon completing the reservation form, you secure your share reservation. You will receive a reservation confirmation and certificates and an account on RAILBUS shareholders platform. 20% of your shares will be transferred to your account in few hours)

No problem, you will retain the 20% of shares that you paid for, and you are not required to claim the remaining 80% of the reserved shares.

You can sell your shares within 2 years, following large investors’ participation. This opportunity arises after you’ve claimed your shares.

Claiming your reserved shares is straightforward. After submitting the reservation form, you’ll receive an email detailing the claim process.

Withn few hours after completing application, an account will be created for you on the RAILBUS shareholders platform. 20% of your shares (40 shares) will be transferred to this account, and you will be able to access it using the RAILBUS shareholders App available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

While all investments carry some level of risk, our model aims to minimize it by allowing a low upfront commitment and providing the option to claim shares based on future success.

We aim to go public in about 5 years, following the successful development and demonstration of our functional prototypes and partnerships.

We are currently focused on developing functional prototypes for our vehicles and signing Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with governments interested in adopting RAILBUS System.

Yes, members have the opportunity to reserve or purchase additional shares if the opportunity window is open.

This offer will close once the allocated shares are fully reserved. Due to high demand, we recommend acting quickly to secure your reservation.

Absolutely YES. RAILBUS is officially registered in Delaware, has its headquarters in Dubai, is a member of UITP, and meets numerous other credibility criteria.

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Before Joining

RAILBUS is seeking passionate individuals to join our journey. Before proceeding, we encourage you to:

  • Thoroughly explore this website. It provides comprehensive information, materials, and updates on RAILBUS.
  • Remember, investing in RAILBUS is a long-term commitment. Ensure it aligns with your overall investment strategy.

Shares Reservation Form

Complete the form below to reserve shares with high potential return and receive your Shares Reservation and Membership Certificates immediately.