RAILBUS City Estimator​

As the RAILBUS is lightweight and has the ability to navigate tight corners, it runs on an elevated tracks that is correspondingly light and easily routed where needed. This makes the system inexpensive to install compared to larger-vehicle systems with much heavier infrastructure.  In addition, RAILBUS provides a transit capacity (fleet size) more flexible and better matched to expected demand levels.

As a basic guide, a complete RAILBUS system, including elevated tracks, stations, vehicles and control systems will cost approximately $7-$10 million US dollars per km to construct, however individual project costs can vary considerably depending on factors relating to the surrounding environmental setting, integration requirements and the expected system usage.

Use the calculator below to estimate RAILBUS project numbers, cost and revenues for any city based on the network size which which will be reflected on the number vehicles, passengers capacity, revenues, etc.

Please note that this is just a general estimation to show the figures roughly as there will be a difference from city to another based on many variables.

To get a basic estimations, just enter the city name and the required length of the railway network (in Kilometer)