Government Partnerships

Governments interested in adopting RAILBUS as a modern and affordable transportation system are welcome to explore this opportunity. We invite you to visit our showroom in Dubai and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to help create a proposal for when RAILBUS is ready to deliver.

Why RAILBUS Attracts Many Cities:

  1. No Cost for the Government: RAILBUS offers a business model that involves partnerships with development and financial institutions, ensuring the project is financed with no cost to the government. The low-cost RAILBUS project boasts an ROI of less than 10 years.

  2. Fast to Build: Thanks to its lightweight, modular design and prefabricated construction, RAILBUS projects can be implemented in any city within 3 to 5 years.

  3. Sustainable Development: RAILBUS can serve as a catalyst for sustainable development, generating thousands of employment and business opportunities.

  4. Income for Government: RAILBUS can provide both direct and indirect sources of income for governments.

  5. Ultimate Solution: RAILBUS addresses transportation crises, traffic congestion, and pollution effectively.

  6. City Skyline Enhancement: RAILBUS will transform any city into a modern metropolis, improving the lives of millions of residents.

RAILBUS Cost Estimation

As a general guide, a complete RAILBUS system—including elevated tracks, stations, vehicles, and control systems—costs approximately $7-$10 million per kilometer. However, individual project costs can vary significantly depending on environmental factors, integration requirements, and expected system usage.

Please use the cost estimator below to estimate the project cost for your city based on the total expected track length: