RAILBUS is an ambitious initiative crafting the world’s first 100% solar powered mass transportation system. Backed by a team of visionary entrepreneurs, industrial designers and transportation specialists.

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Become a RAILBUS Member: Lead the change in sustainable urban transport. For $100, receive exclusive Member benefits.

Unlock a World of Potential  and Transform Your Future with RAILBUS: A Low-Risk, High-Reward Journey.

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Every member Receives a reservation certificate for 200 shares valued at $500 now. Pay within 4 years, only after seeing RAILBUS's success.

Imagine an opportunity where your initial small amount could potentially grow up to $20,000 in just a few years. RAILBUS offers you exactly that—a chance to be part of an innovative transportation revolution with minimal upfront risk. For a one-time fee of $100, you’re reserving the future at today’s prices.

How Does It Work?

The RAILBUS membership offer operates on a simple yet innovative mechanism designed to maximize benefits for early supporters while minimizing their financial risk.

  1. Initial Contribution: You start by joining RAILBUS as a member with a one-time payment of $100. This modest fee secures your place in our growing community of forward-thinkers and innovators.

  2. Share Reservation: Upon joining, you receive an immediate allocation of shares worth $500 at today’s price of $2.5 per share. Instead of purchasing these shares upfront, you’re essentially reserving the right to buy them at the current price within the next four years.

  3. Membership Benefits: Along with your share reservation, you’re granted a Membership Certificate and Shares Reservation Certificate. This membership also offers exclusive investment opportunities and future rewards, enriching your journey with us.

  4. Watching and Waiting: Over the next four years, RAILBUS is anticipated to grow significantly, with share prices expected to rise to $100 per share, driven by operational milestones and increasing demand from investors and governmental collaborations.

  5. Claiming Your Shares: Should our share price reach these heights, you have the unique option to claim your reserved shares at the initial $2.5 price, paying the $500 you would have at the start. This allows you to potentially sell your shares at the market price, which could be as much as $20,000, realizing a substantial profit.

  6. Low Risk, High Potential: If, for any reason, you decide not to claim your shares within the five-year window, or if RAILBUS does not meet its growth expectations, your initial risk is limited to the $100 membership fee. This approach significantly lowers the barrier to entry for investors, offering a high-reward potential with a markedly reduced risk profile.

In essence, this model empowers you to support RAILBUS’s mission today, with the chance to benefit from our future success without the immediate financial commitment typically required by traditional investment opportunities. It’s a strategic investment in sustainable urban mobility, with the flexibility and security tailored for our early backers.

RAILBUS Share Value Projection

200 Shares Value Forecast

A Brief Illustration

John Turning $100 into $19,500 with RAILBUS in 4 Years

  1. Today John joined as a RAILBUS member after paying $100 Fee.
  2. John immediately received a membership certificate and a 200-share reservation certificate without paying the $500 for the shares or taking a risk.
  3. On 31 Dec 2028, RAILBUS’s share price reached $100.
  4. On 31 Dec 2028, John paid only $500 and claimed his 200 shares.
  5. On 31 Dec 2028, John sold his 200 shares for $20,000 and made a $19,500 profit without risk.

Why Join Now?

  • Limited Slots: Only 100,000 membership slots are available worldwide. Once they’re gone, the opportunity closes.
  • Exclusivity: One membership per person ensures that the benefits are distributed fairly among our supporters.
  • Potential for Profit: If RAILBUS shares reach $100 each in Four years as expected, members who reserved shares for $500 can sell them for
    $20,000, turning a significant profit with minimal initial risk.


Member Slots


Allocated Shares

Why Offer This Unique Opportunity?

  • Developing Functional Prototypes: We’ve gained momentum by signing MOUs with progressive governments like Dubai, recognizing RAILBUS’s transformative impact on transportation. Currently, we’re crafting functional prototypes of RAILBUS and RAILPOD, offering our members a chance to be part of this promising venture.
  • Risk Minimization: We understand the risk concerns around startup investments. That’s why we’ve created a model where your risk is significantly reduced. Reserve shares worth now $500 and pay in future based on our success.
  • Rewarding Early Members: Early members who back our mission deserve a share in RAILBUS’s success, earning potentially high rewards for their early faith and support.

Member Benefits

RAILBUS Membership is Your Gateway to Exclusive Opportunities. Become a member and receive the following benefits:

Share resrvation

A reservation Certificate for 200 shares at their current value, with the flexibility to claim them within four years at the initial price, regardless of market value.

Membership Certificate

Official RAILBUS Membership Recognition

Return of Investment

The potential return for the investment for members is phenomenal and can exceed 200x in few years without taking a risk.

Potential Opportunities

Access to Potential Opportunities and Rewards. Any future investment opportunities will be offered exclusively to members.

RAILBUS Shares Reservation Certificate

Ready to Make an Impact?

Embark on this exciting journey with us as a Member and reserve shares with high potential return.