RAILBUS is an ambitious start-up crafting the world’s first 100% solar powered mass transportation system. Backed by a team of visionary entrepreneurs, industrial designers and transportation specialists.

RAILBUS is more than a company – we’re a global green initiative, set on transforming the transportation landscape. Join our community and be part of this inspiring journey. Together, we can bring sustainable travel to life, and transform lives in countless cities worldwide.

Become a Stakeholder

RAILBUS is offering a unique and limited opportunity that could unlock immense potential for high returns – we’re talking about returns that could exceed 50x. This opportunity is exclusive to investors at this stage.

No matter who you are – an environmental enthusiast, a transportation advocate, a prospective investor, or just someone who supports our mission – we invite you to join us. Together, we can pioneer a green transportation revolution.

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Investment Levels

Become a RAILBUS Investor at any of our investment entry levels, with shares priced at $2.50 each, inclusive of bonus shares.

Bronze | $100
Silver | $250
Gold | $500
Platinum | $1,000
Diamond | $5,000 and Above

Minimum Investment will be Raised to $1,000​, Effective 10 December 2023


Anticipated Growth

The forecasted value of RAILBUS shares is set to rise significantly each year, driven by key developments and milestones such as the completion of our prototype, government partnerships, and the influx of major investments. This projection is rooted in our comprehensive financial plan, the anticipated market demand, and the potential for substantial growth. Given the scale and expected impact of RAILBUS, we consider this a conservative estimate.

RAILBUS Share Value Projection

Pay in 4 Installments for any Investment of $500 and Above

RAILBUS offers financial flexibility to investors. With our focus on developing a functional prototype and establishing key partnerships, we provide an installment payment option for investments of $500 (Gold level) and above

Installment Schedule

25% | Immediately
25% | 01 April 2024
25% | 01 July 2024
25% | 01 October 2024

This understanding has led us to introduce an advantageous installment payment option for our investors. 

Why this option is beneficial

Future installment payments for your RAILBUS investment will not be automatically deducted. You will receive an email on each installment due date with a private payment link, giving you the choice to proceed with the payment. If you opt not to continue with a payment, there’s no obligation; still you retain any shares already paid for.

No need to pay the entire investment upfront. Spread your investment over time for ease and convenience.

Make payments in stages while keeping a close eye on RAILBUS’s development and progress, ensuring your comfort and confidence in your investment.

Secure all your shares at the current price, irrespective of any future increase in share value or limited availability for new investors.

Cancellation and Refund

Invest with confidence in RAILBUS. Our terms allow investors to cancel and receive a refund at any stage, providing flexibility and peace of mind. Your investment is secure, adaptable to your changing needs.

Shares Private Trading

By the end of 2024, RAILBUS plans to initiate a private trading platform for its shares, providing shareholders an opportunity to profit by selling part of their holdings. The projected trading price for these shares is anticipated to start at $5.

Investor Benefits

Return of Investment

The potential return for the investors at this stage is phenomenal and can exceed 50x in few years

Bonus Shares

Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond investors enjoy bonus in shares upon investing.

Membership Certificate

Receive your RAILBUS membership certificate, symbolizing your share in sustainable future

Voting Right

The investor will have voting rights for each share (Starts early 2025)

Access to opportunities

Gain exclusive access to RAILBUS investment and business opportunities.