Reliability & Safety

The RAILBUS system has been designed with reliability and safety built-in as standard to ensure the comfort and security of its passengers.


Overseen by experienced controllers, RAILBUS’s automated system minimizes risk by removing opportunities for human error.

Passenger safety has been ensured through the following systems:



  • Continuous CCTV and black box monitoring of all vehicles and two-way communication with central control
  • An independent Automatic Vehicle Protection system that protects against vehicle collision on the track
  • Safety interlocks between the brakes, motor and doors


  • Emergency exits, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers fitted in all vehicles
  • Self-monitoring vehicles that identify possible maintenance issues before they arise
  • Emergency escape routes, suitable for evacuation on foot
  • Passengers may contact the system controller at any time, and the controller can talk to the passengers, see them via onboard CCTV, and respond to any concerns immediately.